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“We are incredibly grateful for Julian’s early training with our puppy, providing her with a head start to leash training, crate training, and simple commands.  His knowledge and experience with dogs was evident when we met him, and even more impressive with the amount our puppy learned in a short amount of time.  Julian’s work helped us tremendously and we couldn’t be happier with our dog today!”

Allison T.

“Julian is a young man with maturity and expertise well beyond his years. He is so impressive, balancing his school work with his other work (and passion) of training dogs. We have known him for several years and he’s trained our two dogs Nikki and Pablo. I was impressed when he recently dropped off the newest member of our family, Pablo. He took the time to share how he trained him and even provided us with a binder, filled with his training regimen, articles, tips and his contact information. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for training services. Lastly, he’s been a great example for my children – they spent time with a young man who’s focused, passionate and well on his way to achieving his goals.”

Steve C: